Refuse Records // AGH Kollektiv presents:

SCRAPS (Lille, France)
The band was formed in 1983 in Lille, and from the very beginning was a counterweight to traditional punk sounds dominating the local scene. Their hallmarks were aggressive tempos with a ruthless political message. In addition to such bands as HEIMAT-LOS, KROMOZOM 4, FINAL BLAST or RAPT, Scraps were one of hardcore precursors in their own country. Thanks to tours, the exchange of cassettes and records, and interviews in fanzines, Scraps quickly gained international fame in DIY circles.
Reissue of their latest LP from 1994 called “Dismantle the machine one cog at a time” out now on Refuse Records.

AGONIR (Geneva, Switzerland)
Formed in 2015 as Métal Cacahuète, then Jagged and finally Agonir (french for "to overwhelm someone by insults"), the band plays fast-crust with female and male vocals, taking cues from bands like Disrupt, Detestation, Skit System…

PLAGUE THIRTEEN (Ieper, Belgium)
Ex-Link. HC/punk influenced by Tragedy, His hero is gone, From ashes rise

15.11.2019 BERLIN
Kopi/AGH, start 22.00

Jutro w Berlinie!!