30.04. Berlin: Noc Walpurgii 2020

Emancypunx Records // Refuse Records // AGH collective presents:


Noise against sexism since 1996. Feminist Women/queer-centered hardcore punk festival with aim to unite, stop bigotry, sexism, homo/transphobia and smash patriarchy!


AXE RASH (Stockholm, Sweden / Adult Crush Records)
Rabid and raw Stockholm hardcore punk. Taking no prisoners!

DREGS (Vienna, Austria / Refuse Records)
Straight Edge/Drug-Free Hardcore Punk in it’s essence. By outcasts for outcasts. Fast riffs, angry mosh parts and messages aimed to empower the ones that should run the scene. Women to the front, queers to the front. Up the punks. Reflect on yourself.

ILL FIT (Malmö, Sweden / Emancypunx Records)
Hardcore-punk as an outlet for accumulated discontent as much as the songs in themselves serve to accelerate the mad-at-the-world sentiment expressed in them. Current and former members of BEYOND PINK, HYSTERICS, AGENT ATTITUDE, SLÖA KNIVAR and HAG.

  • more bands TBA

Photo Exhibition:

International collective of womxn, non-binary and trans people documenting the punk and DIY scene.

If you’re interested in doing workshop/panel/performance or spoken work about issues related with the festival get in touch!

30.04.2020 BERLIN
Köpi/AGH, Köpenickerstr. 137
No pre-sale!