4.02. Berlin: CHANGE (Can/US), EAT MY FEAR, THE FOG

XXX Refuse Records Showcase XXX

CHANGE (Canada/USA / React! Records / Refuse Records)
CHANGE is a Straight Edge band from Canada and the US featuring members of BETRAYED, THE FIRST STEP, UNION OF FAITH, KEEP IT CLEAR and ODD MAN OUT. Influenced by Youth Of Today, Uniform Choice, Sportswear and Embrace. Bringing message to listen, speak and act with compassion. Their debut 12” is coming out soon on React! Records (US) and Refuse Records (EU).

EAT MY FEAR (Berlin / Refuse Records / Emancypunx Records)
Queer feminist hardcore punk with songs about the experience of migration, about animal exploitation, about not fitting in because of homo- and transphobia. Eat My Fear are fighting a fight that still needs to be fought. Their latest “Taking back space” 7" is out on Emancypunx & Refuse Records.

THE FOG (Berlin / Refuse Records)
Vicious, uncompromising and primitive straight-edge hardcore. If you know hardcore this is for you, otherwise move along! New 7" out soon on Refuse Records!

4.02. BERLIN
Schwester Martha, start 21.00