As Friends Rust


As Friends Rust to jedna z tych kapel na których reaktywacje czekam od dawna ,a tu taka niespodziana.W Poznaniu na koncercie z Ensing pozamiatali,a do Wrocławia nie dojechali(a tak sie pod jarałem ze znowu ich zobaczę )no ale wtedy zagrali jeszcze załoganci z Born Dead Incons i było ok.


ieperfest 2008
Like we promised in the previous update, we are announcing the first list of names for the 2008 Summer edition by late winter. It will be taking place on Fri-Sun 22-24 August. We are absolutely psyched to announce we have no less than 35 (!!) bands confirmed so far. Here goes:
AS FRIENDS RUST USA Florida’s kings of catchy, melodic, singalong hardcore coming over for just 6 reunion shows so make sure not to miss out!! Damien, James, Joe, Kaleb and Tim in the line-up!
BACKFIRE! NL M-town veterans still going strong after all those years! First Ieperfest performance ever for these originators of the Eurocore movement. Released their 5th full-length in Winter 2008.
BALZAC J Japanese horrorpunk/deathrock leaders. Wicked shit that will appeal to all visual kei fans out there!
BRIDGE TO SOLACE H Budapest’s hardest with the release show for their 3rd full-length. Expect nothing less than the best melodic metalcore!
CEPHALIC CARNAGE USA Ultra technical Colorado death/grind act that has been kicking it since the early 90s! For fans of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, STARKWEATHER and CARCASS!
COUNTING THE DAYS USA Fast, pissed off, angry as hell hardcore for fans of CHAMPION, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and COUNT ME OUT. From Glen Burnie, Maryland.
DANNY DIABLO USA Danny Diablo aka master entertainer Lord Ezec, main man of the fabulous SKARHEAD and king of uncompromising situations! Expect a good mixture of streetwise rap and New York hardcore!
DESPISED ICON Can Pure technical grind by these Canadian metalheads. For fans of DYING FETUS, PIG DESTROYER and NASUM.
DIE MY DEMON B Exclusive Belgian reunion show by the DMD gang! Playing all of their furious, raw, moshable, hardcore power hits once again!
DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? L Splendid Luxemburg screamo power for fans of LA QUIETE, ICONOCLAST, BORN AGAINST & YAGE! On the road with Japan’s ENDZWECK.
ENDZWECK J Old school melodic HC with fierce screamo parts. For fans of COMADRE, ACME and HAVE HEART, ow yeah!
FOLSOM USA Las Vegas gamblers with their very first IF performance. Furious singalong old school beatdown hardcore by one of the best bands in the genre!!
HAVE HEART USA Leading melodic Boston hardcore act combining the early influences of bands like CHAIN OF STRENGTH and TURNING POINT with a later touch ala MOUTHPIECE and INSIDE OUT. One of thé HC bands of the early 21st century!!
HOMER B Hageland hardcore/screamo/punkrock hybrid sure to surprise friend & foe with their really catchy, splendid songs, interesting lyrics and superb singing by frontman Jokke!!
HOUR OF THE WOLF USA Rocking Arizona hardcore influenced by bands like BLACK FLAG, MISFITS, HOT SNAKES, MOTÖRHEAD, etc.
KINGDOM B Tuur, Collin & Vincent AMENRA side-project. Sounds like AMENRA meet ISIS meet NEUROSIS. Excellent clean vocal power!
LENGTH OF TIME B Balancing between brutal heaviness, harmony & melody, Bxl’s amazing metalcore act is back on track, now again with Ross taking care of vocals!!
LIONHEART USA Harde boel! San Francisco/Bay Area tuff metalcore for fans of HATEBREED, THROWDOWN and TERROR.
MÖRSER D Brutal Bremen metalcore act still going strong after all those years! 3 singers. Chaos. INFERNO!
OUTBREAK USA Angry punked up modern hardcore rhythms with in your face shout-outs, stirring ’n chugging guitars. For fans of KID DYNAMITE, BLACK FLAG and POISON IDEA!!
POUND FOR POUND USA Tuff Springfield (IL) hardcore mosh for fans of early SWORN ENEMY, SUBZERO, DEATH THREAT and later SKARHEAD.
PULLING TEETH USA Pounding Baltimore hardcore act featuring ex-SLUMLORDS PERSONNEL. For fans of The SETUP, INTEGRITY and LEFT FOR DEAD. RISE AND FALL labelmates!
PUSHED TOO FAR B Turnhout moshaholics kicking ass big time, playing an interesting mix of groovy upbeat WARZONE/DEATH THREAT style hardcore with beatdown moshparts ala BULLDOZE, KICKBACK, etc. Fools simply never move on!!
RED TAPE PARADE D Grown-up Bavarian hardcore influenced by bands like MINOR THREAT, DAG NASTY, GOOD RIDDANCE, SNFU, etc.
ROTTEN SOUND SF Fabulous Finnish grind/death metal influenced by bands like SLAYER, CARCASS, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, DOOM, etc. Their first 1st 7" was relased by Genet rcs 15 years ago!!
RUINER USA Dark melodic Baltimore hardcore/punk. For fans of HAVE HEART, CHAMPION and MODERN LIFE IS WAR!
SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY USA Michigan comet grind/death/mathcore for fans of JOB FOR A COWBOY, ABORTED and The LOCUST!
SHIPWRECK USA Dark and apocalyptic Boston (Merrimack Valley) metallic hardcore. For fans of RISE AND FALL, RINGWORM and INTEGRITY!!
SHOOK ONES USA Poppy Seattle hardcore/punk influenced by bands like BLACK FLAG, DESCENDENTS, JAWBREAKER and KID DYNAMITE!!
SINKING SHIPS USA Splendid Seatlle hardcore act showcasing a sound all their own, somewhere between the familiar echoes of hardcore bands like BANE and IN MY EYES, but with their own distinct morose overtones, weaving elements of melody and hard edge riffs!
SUNPOWER B Belgium’s hardcore/punk pride! Released their 2nd full-length in Winter 2008. For fans of MDC, DEAD KENNEDYS and BAD BRAINS!
SURGE OF FURY B Bxl heavy weights delivering some of the nastiest mosh 2008 has to offer. Imagine MADBALL teaming up with BULLDOZE and add even more brutality!
SWORN ENEMY USA Caustic Queens, New York hybrid of thrashy, intense metal with the thud and grit of hardcore. For fans of TESTAMENT, ANTHRAX and HATEBREED!
WARBRINGER USA War without end!! Ventura, California thrash metal boosting sped up drums, lightning fast guitar picking and over the top vocals, bringing to mind bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, EXODUS and EXCEL!!
WISDOM IN CHAINS USA From the land of Kings! Groovy Pennsylvia hardcore with loads of uptempo punk influences. For fans of SICK OF IT ALL, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, BLACK FLAG and SOCIAL DISTORTION!!

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chyba nie było tego,rajt?


[quote=“dzordz busz”]

chyba nie było tego,rajt?[/quote]




Fajne, nawet bardzo fajne. AS FRIENDS RUST to jednak był/ jest absolutny geniusz!


nie daje rady przy tym …klip ok :wink:


[quote=“dzordz busz”]

chyba nie było tego,rajt?[/quote]

Piękne to to … :frowning:


heh co za syf



heh co za syf[/quote]

nareszcie ktos powiedzial prawde o tym kawalku/video…
tak przy okazji klip rezyserowany przed Dwid’a Integrity…


nie bylo czego komentowac wiec stad ta cisza…ZENADA


Zabawnie prezentuje się ten klip, zwłaszcza w kontekście tekstów AFR.


mi to się kojarzy z popłuczynami po Monster Magnet, tyle że oni klipy mają pierwszorzędne a w tym nic się nie dzieje a muza to syf jakich mało :confused:


[quote=“what we know”]

heh co za syf

nareszcie ktos powiedzial prawde o tym kawalku/video…
tak przy okazji klip rezyserowany przed Dwid’a Integrity…[/quote]

chcieli być chyba trochę a’la Depeche Mode a wyszło totalne gówno.

Może i jestem dziwny, ale nigdy nie jarałem się AFR.


dolacz do tego jeszcze teksty Culture…


Nie widziałem wcześniej tego klipu a ponoć nie jest zbyt nowy. Totalna żenada. Kawałek chujowy po maksie a video nie wiadomo o co chodzi.

Za to AFR zawsze należało do moich faworytów ever. Pierwsza 5 ulubionych zespołów. Tym bardziej mi przykro jak widzę takie rzeczy.


[quote=“sven”]Nie widziałem wcześniej tego klipu a ponoć nie jest zbyt nowy. Totalna żenada. Kawałek chujowy po maksie a video nie wiadomo o co chodzi.

video ma jakies 2 lata, widzialem je juz dosc dawno, jak uslyszalem numery z jego solowej plyty na myspace to mimo ze byly dosc slabe to byly jednak o niebo lepsze niz ten numer , nie wspominajac o klipie


Jezuuu sicku co za szajs :exclamation: Nieslyszalem wczesniej tego solowego projektu, wykazalem sie nie lada intuicją. :smiling_imp:


caly koncert


Ten klip, po którym tak wszyscy jeździli to Damien Done? Dobrze kojarzę?
Można to gdzieś jeszcze zobaczyć?